Client Testimonials

Open Minded and Honest

Laure is very approachable, open minded and honest. Some of the positive results from her coaching are tips on how to help my team be more efficient, Laure's very honest feedback on how to work with peers, higher management and team, and exercises to practice.

Julie Saverys

Head of Coffee Marketing, Nestlé Nespresso SA

Powerful, strong results

I have done coaching before and this one has been much more powerful thanks to the careful selection of the coach. The fit was strong and the result even stronger. Many thanks to Laure!

Sébastien Fabre

Airline and Airport VP, SITA

Useful keys

The most useful lesson I got is that Laure gave me some keys, and pushed me to find my own way to apprehend situations and apply them. Practical roleplay (simulating discussions with a colleague, for instance) was challenging and really helpful too. Thank you”. Executive from Private Bank

Anonymous client

Private Bank Executive


They trust me

In addition to anonymous and private clients.